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People On GSD Entrepreneur Are…

Business Owners

Stats say that the majority of businesses close their doors before year 1, and certainly before year 5. To make it in business means that you’ve got something that many don’t. These are the people we interview.

Clear on Their Purpose

We all know that our “why” is important. But the fact is, many aren’t clear on it. Not those we talk with. They are laser focused on their why.

Fun & Engaging

GSD people are those you’d want to have a beer with. They are serious about what they do, but also very serious about having a good time.

Making a Difference

It’s bigger than the revenue or profit for our GSD interviewees. They know their business is a platform for an even bigger purpose.

Addicted to Growth

All GSD people know that healthy things grow. And because of that, they aren’t afraid to do the hard work, every day, to create an environment of growth.


A lot of people can own successful businesses. The ones who are also genuine and kind are more rare. These are the stories that show up on GSD Entrepreneur.

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