Growing up in a home with six kids and a family business, I was never unfamiliar with hard work. I can still hear my Mom and Dad say, “If you don’t do it right, you’re going to have to start all over.” This included everything from cleaning the bathroom to writing a paper. What I didn’t realize at the time was that start-overs weren’t always a bad thing. A start-over affords you the ability to build on what was previously done, and to arrive at something with a new perspective.

After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management from Liberty University in VA, I found myself working three jobs. First thing in the morning, I was the Business Manager of the local health club. In the afternoons, I helped run my family’s professional bakery. And to finish up the day, I drove to the high school to coach volleyball and basketball. This coaching job was my first real introduction to leadership development. It enabled me to recognize my passion for helping people realize their potential. A few years later, I relocated to NC, where I obtained a Master’s degree in Counseling and worked for 10 years providing services to youth. In 2006, I had the privilege of serving as team leader, strategist and principal fundraiser for a one year, international humanitarian relief trip serving 13 developing countries.

Returning stateside, I was recruited by Conequity Resources, a privately held business management consulting firm. This job led me to ultimately work as a People & Change consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers. I then had the opportunity to form a partnership with my trusted friend and colleague, John Saladino, and take a product invented by my family to market. This experience taught me what it takes to run a business, how to navigate through murky waters, and when to recognize pitfalls before they happen. Learning many invaluable lessons through my business career, I discovered my greatest joy lies in helping business-minded people live each day to its full. To embrace how interconnected our business and personal lives are and enable others to find the balance that so many are in need of. This prompted me to acquire a Life Coaching certification and start A Salty Rim.

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