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We love people. Even more specifically, we love connecting people and seeing people reach their full potential.

We quickly and skillfully engage below the surface, listening to make sense of some road block or confusion – direction, relationships, new inventions, business issues. We ask the hard questions, but are also not afraid to ask the obvious questions. We engage on a deeper level in such a way that creates awareness, provides accountability to execute, and celebrates results.

Our style of interaction is both energetic and direct, which suits people who like to be challenged. We give homework. But not for the sake of busy work. For the sake of growth. We push for action. We are big cheerleaders. We are disruptive. We have fun. We listen intently because you matter and what you think and have to say is important. We see ourselves as a strategic investment into your human capital. We don’t sugar coat or have any magical promises. We just call out results. We want to help you stop thinking in terms of abstract concepts and focus on tangible changes and decisions that are just within your reach. Our understanding and sharp listening skills run deep, but they are coupled with a no BS attitude.

Our combined 35+ years of consulting and leadership development experience enables us to deliver high-impact coaching that drives results. We’ve worked with large companies such as Coca Cola, ADT Security, Lance Crackers, Duke Energy, and Travelers Insurance, and we’ve worked with small, family-owned entities and start-ups. Whatever the challenge, we help you figure out what exactly you want to do, why you haven’t done it yet, and how to create that change in your business and life.

We are in business to help you “eat” your elephant, with a dash of salt, one bite at a time.

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Stacey Pierce, C.P.C.

Julie Weldon, C.P.C.

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