Once an artist, always an artist. During Jenan McClain’s formidable early years, she leaned into art and reading as escapes from the challenges life threw her way. As she grew up, she pursued art, but, once married, life then led her into banking. She and her husband ended up living in the Caribbean islands for 7 years and while there, she found herself spending her summers creating art programs for local island elementary school children. Art seemed to continue to find her. But not just any type of art. A series of life changing events enabled her to tap into the intuitive process behind the brush. Jenan feels what she is creating. And often her art and her poetry sing the songs of one another. She is inspired by the water and her recent body of work is strongly influenced by the surrounding salt marshes and beautiful florals along the South Carolina coast. Her primarily acrylic and oil pastels work is heavily textured and the rich vibrancy of her pieces are felt through the beautiful colors and lavish layers. To see Jenan’s work is to be captivated by its unexplainable force that draws you in. We hope you enjoy this episode!

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