As I write I’m sitting in the Charleston, SC airport trying to get up to NYC. It’s 6:12pm. Our flight was supposed to leave at 5:02pm. It’s been delayed (best case scenario) until 9:15pm due to a weather system in the northeast. No problem, we think. We’ll just walk around the airport, find a restaurant, have a few drinks, and hop online to get some work done. Enter problems 2, 3, 4, and 5.  

Charleston was recently named the top city in the world, but our airport, even though it’s “international”, has absolutely got to be one of the worst. A major renovation is happening so, eventually, it will be better I’m sure of it (and I’m trying to give them grace), but for now… well, we don’t win any awards for our airport. The restaurant choices are so scarce, it’s like a bad joke to get stuck here. What that means is, because there are only a couple (really bad) choices, there may be a total of 50 bar seats. In the whole airport. 50 seats for waaay too many unhappy, flight-delayed customers.  

Ok fine, we think, we’ll just wait it out til someone gets up, so we stand around lurking over tables breathing hot breath on them, hoping they’ll leave (ok, not really). Finally a table opens up. We grab a drink and hop online. Not so fast, buster. Hopping online is like, hmmm… what comes to mind when I say “dial up”??

We just want to be in New York.

It’s easy to start complaining and be one of “those” people who raise holy hell at the ticket counter. By why?  What good will it do? Except give others something to talk about.

So, we make a different choice. Enjoy the delay. We’re together.

Life sometimes throws us circumstances and curve balls that aren’t in our plans. They’re not fun at all. The business you thought would be successful by now, just isn’t. And your savings is drying up. The spouse you fell in love with works all the time and is distant. The friends you thought would be with you through thick and thin, have moved away and you rarely talk with them.

Life is good, yes. But sometimes circumstances just suck.

This reminds me of this image in this blog post of the tree growing out of the concrete. There is NO REASON why that tree should be growing there. But oddly enough, it is. Most likely a bird ate a seed and deposited it on this concrete bridge. And it grew. Despite the lack of nutrients and soil, it grew. And every time I look at this picture, I remember that really amazing things can show up when and where we don’t expect them.

What’s your concrete?  If you looked differently at it, could you still find a way to grow?

 – this post was written by Julie Weldon.

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