I find myself getting lost in thought pretty often. 

Don’t be fooled – I’m not solving the world’s problems or anything. I AM however taking mental pictures of the beautiful view in front of me at any given moment. There is so much you can capture with a blink of your eye. The people, the smells, the sounds, the surroundings. All of the elements connecting to the other to make the most creative masterpiece there ever was.

It’s these moments, the moments when I sit back and survey, that makes me feel the most full. 

Full of gratitude. Sometimes so full it brings me to tears. When you take a second to embrace stillness & acknowledge the world around you, it’s hard not to feel full of gratitude.

There is also something so powerfully liberating about surrendering and letting the world unfold right before your eyes. Letting things go. Not attaching yourself too much to plans or the way life should or should not be.

At the same time though, I have to remind myself that I’m in control. I played a major part in creating the view that I see right now. Every single choice I’ve made since the moment I was born has led me to this very moment. Writing this blog post in the East Village of Manhattan on an overcast Sunday afternoon.

This is your world. Your view. Make it a beautiful one.

– This post was written by Hannah Bise

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