Shelby Ring was an entrepreneur from her earliest of days. As an 8 year old, she started Animal Pet Care and grew her savings from taking care of other people’s pets. As she’s grown older, she’s come into her own professionally, personally, and spiritually. In this episode, Shelby gets real and raw as she talks about growing up in the church and getting married early because of her desire to honor God, but how that marriage ended relatively quickly because it wasn’t built on a solid foundation of trust and respect, and then talks about how she healed and rebuilt herself after the divorce as she went to work as a yacht chef in the British Virgin Islands. On the side, she began taking pictures and videos of guests diving adventures with an old GoPro, that eventually turned into a skill set that started her current business Ruby Riot Creatives. Shelby is fantastic and as interesting as they come. We hope you enjoy this episode!   

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