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This is an episode that we originally aired on our other podcast, Do It In Nature. We thought it was applicable to the entrepreneurial community as well, so we’re publishing it here. Few outdoor memories are better than the ones by a roaring fire pit with those you love. Sandy and Steve Schoettle, founders of Sea Island Forge, know this well. With a love for family and friends, artistry, the outdoors, and creating meaningful traditions, they began their company with their signature product, the Sea Island Forge Fire Kettle. They made their successful debut with it at the Sea Island Farmers Market in 2014, and they and their growing team of talented metalsmiths haven’t looked back as they debut new heirloom quality designs regularly. There is a difference between products you buy and throw away because they have no value or significance to you, and high quality, hand-crafted products that get passed down through the generations with the memories attached. Love is forged in the latter.

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